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Ô time !

suspend your flight...

"You who come to share our pale light and sit at the feast of changing horizons,

enter only with your heart, bring nothing of the world, and do not tell what people say"


This quote from Edmond Rostand is a prelude to this piece of paradise set

on the edge of Morocco’s Atlantic Ocean coast. It is a haven of peace nestled on a rampart of dunes,

where time seems to be suspended. Ksar Massa, an ochre-hued house reminiscent of a Mexican hacienda,

awaits travellers who come in search of communion with nature and well-being. Suspended between

sky and sea, wherever we look we see only beauty and wonder.

Here, time is exclusively reserved for contemplation, calm and serenity. At Ksar Massa, we allow ourselves to live, lulled by wild natural surroundings and a slow rhythm that captivates us and reminds us of the quote

"Ô time, suspend your flight"

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