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Moroccan traditions & seasonal cuisine

For lunch :

El Menzeh, a restaurant on terraces in the middle of a kitchen garden, to enjoy your breakfast or lunch facing the sea. A cosier room with breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean will welcome you if you prefer to eat indoors.

In the morning, without any imposed schedule, a breakfast will be served according to the traditions of Moroccan families: our own bread and homemade jams, baghrir, msemen or other pancakes, and organic honey directly from the producer.

For lunch, a menu of the day and a varied menu (à la carte) will be offered.

Aperitifs :

The bar "Ella & Louis" will welcome you in a very "Jazzy" atmosphere to take a pot or even have a "dinner snack".

For dinner :

The “Andalusian” restaurant overlooking the ocean offers a Moroccan gourmet menu every evening, with the finest dishes taken from Moroccan family and festive cuisine. We have surprised more than one gourmet of this cuisine with unusual dishes that we prepare on a regular basis.

And if you are not a fan of the menus, we will offer you a varied card of Moroccan and international cuisine such as risottos and pasta, paellas, fresh salads inspired by elsewhere or white beetroots, pinks and oranges. our organic vegetable garden with a sweet and sour sauce.

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