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Enjoy a unique experience

nature for backdrop, the see for the horizon

Live the exception, live the Unique, experience a new hotel concept ...

 This is the promise of these domes which combine comfort, lifestyle and nature ... glamping


" It is said that anyone inside a dome-shaped structure will be better connected to the universe and to cosmic energy,

and will feel like in the mother's womb. "

The first dome was built in 1922 in Jena, Germany to house a planetarium. Subsequently, in the aftermath of World War II,

the American architect R. Buckminster Fuller developed the concept and named it geodesic dome.

The "hippie" communities popularize these domes in the 1960s.


Advantages of geodesic domes: excellent ventilation, very good acoustics


Area: 40 m2 plus private bathroom,

Maximum number of people: 04

Welcome product,

Air conditioning / heating, free Wi-Fi,


Hotel services: daily cleaning, bed and bath linen, concierge, security.

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