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The ornithological reserve

The visit is done on foot from the hotel.

The first part of the route runs along the sea to the mouth of the Oued Massa; The second part of the route is along the Oued to the South-West and the young eucalyptus forest to the North-East.

Known to specialists in ornithology around the world, you can observe many species of birds such as flamingos, spoonbills, cormorants, common cranes, Tchgras ... and with a little luck, Ibis bald being part of the last colony in the world.

It is advisable to do this visit with a specialized guide early in the morning to give yourself every chance of seeing as many species as possible, but it can also be done in the afternoon, the species will be fewer but the end light day is beautiful with the sunset right in front.

Conditions & Rates

Duration: between 1h30 and 2h00 of walking

Number of participants: from 1 to 10 people

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wildlife reserves

“Discovery of the Saharan wildlife of the Souss Massa National Park”
It is a route that includes the visit of two animal reserves of the National Park of Souss Massa.

It starts at the Rokein Reserve and ends at Sidi Rbat where Ksar Massa is located. It is a 25 km circuit which must be done in 4x4 vehicles and which translates throughout the considerable bioecological richness of the region, through the discovery of hundreds of species of Saharan fauna, dune coastal landscapes and the village of Tifnit fishermen. With stops to look closely at animals in the wild such as Oryx, Addax, gazelles, ostriches, it takes 3 hours to visit. This visit is organized by Ksar Massa.

Conditions & Rates

With your own vehicle (4x4 obligatory):

Entrance fee: Adult: 100.00 DH / Child - 12 YEARS: 60.00 DH

Specialized guide required from the hotel: 600.00 DH per vehicle

The bald ibis circuit

With the help of a specialized guide and a 4x4 vehicle, we go in search of the Bald Ibis in its nesting sites: Douira, Tifnit, Sidi Boulafdaïl. Duration of the excursion: 1/2 day.

Conditions & Rates

With your own vehicle (4x4 obligatory):

Specialized guide required from the hotel: 600.00 DH per vehicle

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